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[IP] growth hormones

Dear Nita, I don't have any medical knowledge regarding this subject, but.. I
remember as an 18 year old, my Internist was weighing and measuring me. He
then asked if I had thought I was still growing. Me and my Mom just looked at
each other and cracked up laughing! You see I am only 4' 10"! I think I
stopped growing right around the time of Diagnosis(14). I don't exactly come
from a family of giants, but I still feel very short next to most of them. I
can wear a girls size 12, and pass my clothing to my pre-teen nieces. I have
never had any kind of emotional problem due to my size, and believe me, I have
been the butt of many "short" jokes. I think the best thing you can do is not
make a bigger deal over this. I always say girls are supposed to be tiny and
petite.(LOL, or so I"ve always told myself!)  The only thing I can't do
because of my size is be a stewardess! And who cares, since I am deathly
afraid of flying!! So just give it some time, maybe she's just a "late
bloomer", she is way too young to have to worry about this. Good luck and I
hope it's not a serious medical problem. Denise, (43 years old)

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