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[IP] Insurance and STRESS!

Boy, am I under a LOT of stress right now!  And it's all caused by wonderful
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan!  Let me tell you, I can't believe
they can still be in business!

First it took them until Feb. 25 to change their computers to my new policy
(it took effect Feb. 1).  Then, they screwed up the co-pay amount for
prescriptions, they entered $5 generic, $15 non-generic (s/b $5 generic, $10
non-generic) and it's gonna take them 4 weeks to fix that mistake!  We still
haven't gotten our new cards, they were sent out by BC on Feb. 25.  I found
out today they mailed them to an old address that the company hasn't had for
at least 4 years!  She told me that the company never changed their address.
Huh?  The bill for the premium manages to get to them.  And the new address
is on the new contract with them.  Then I sent in receipts for glucose test
strips and lancets, with a prescription and letter of medical necessity from
my doctor.  I called them this am to see how it was going and they told me
that this medical equipment was not a covered benefit for the diagnosis
reported!  Huh?  I asked them why they didn't cover testing equipment for
Type 1, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (code ICD-9 250.01) and she said
that's not the diagnosis reported!!!!!!  What?  I said that's what I sent
in, I'm reading it off my doctor's letter of medical necessity!  She said,
well that's not what they got. HUH?  I finally talked to a supervisor and
she told me that the diagnosis for that claim was not for diabetes (she
wouldn't tell me what it was, prolly a sprained ankle or something), and I
had to FAX my paperwork back to

Sheesh I just can't take these people anymore, dealing with the diabetes is
enough, now I have to deal with people operating computers who can't even

Sorry, I'm done venting now, but I still don't feel better.  I don't know
what's gonna happen when they get the bill for my pump which I get tomorrow.
I sure don't feel confident that I'll be pumping anytime in the near future.


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