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[IP] Buying a Fastake?

jenny wants  
>  Any suggestions on the best place to buy/get a Fastake meter? 
>  Drugstore.com and it was about $63. Anyone know of a cheaper place? 

How about FREE!!???  call the 800 number and tell them you want a new one.  
tell them how many times a day you test, and tell them you have SEVERAL old 
lifescan meters you want to trade in.  Tell them you LIKE the lifescan 
product, and don't want to use another one.  Chances are that will be enough, 
but if they tell you how much it is gonna cost ya, then just tell them, "well 
then I guess I will use the meter my CDE gave me - it is a different brand 
and I don't like it as much, but it didn't cost anything, and considering how 
much I test, you'd think the meter would be free..." or something like that.

I have NEVER ever bought a meter...and neither should you... I asked lifescan 
what i was supposed to do with those 9 million "points" i had ripped off the 
bottom of profile strip boxes and I aleady got the book and the sharps 
container and the diet planner.  He tells me "the program is being phased 
out, but heck we'll send you a new meter."  so he did, AND a new case for my 
old one...GREAT case - they were listening when I told them it needed a 
better design!.  So now i have two profiles...to go along with theh crappy 
precision QID I use at the gym which was replaced free of charge 3 times by 
Medisense cuz the battery is not replaceable, and which was given to me in 
thr first place when i got my pump, and then there is that one with a light 
that I don't have time to figure out how to work, but i will if my eyes get 
any worse

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