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Re: [IP] RE: Pumps & Wrestling

Carlen, Well hello!  I've been looking for another pumping wrestling kid all 
season!  Matt is only 11 and wrestles for the midget team. I was real nervous 
at first, but it went great!  For nightime practices i would up the carb to 
insulin ratio, and then have Matt disconnect for the whole 2 hr practice. 
Once he reconnected i would give him the missed basal or else he'd go high.  
To protect the site.......well we've tried alot, what finally worked for Matt 
was actually just wrapping the site with an ace bandage for meets and pulling 
the singlet up which kept it snug. The site was in his belly. We also used a 
leg site and just wrapped as well. He never got a site pulled out, luckily, 
but i'm sure it's bound to happen.  For his practices he'd just wrap a "rib" 
belt around his middle, again covering the site. Of course your son is older 
and will be much more vigourous i'm sure. But let him go for it!  Just always 
have everything he needs on hand, including needle/insulin just in case that 
site pulls out!  Let me know how he makes out. I'm glad to have someone else 
to compare notes to!

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