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Re: [IP] class testing

Well said, about the school system not taking it seriously enough to provide 
teachers with the proper information concerning health issues.  

I just got a new student around Jan. and was not notified that the child 
stutters.  I have this child once a week for a music class.  I noticed he was 
very quiet and sort of shy but he had never spoken more that his name to me.  
So one day in class I called on him to answer a question.  I usually pick the 
ones first who look like they are not paying attention.  He started to answer 
and didn't stutter but was acting as though he didn't know the question let 
alone the answer.  So I said, hurry up David
say something.  Nothing...So I again said come on,come on, come on say 
something even if it is: I don't know.  Well, obviously I got no response and 
went on to ask another student.  Next day I was called into the office the 
father accused me of making fun of the boy's stuttering.  I was dumbfounded.  
In my defense I said I had no idea the boy had a problem and I certainly 
wasn't making fun of him.  I was just trying to get him to answer and I would 
have done the same thing to any student in the class providing I know their 
disabilities.  So, whose fault is it anyway?  The School? The teacher? (of 
course, I go to school everyday to pick on children.  Especially if they are 
disabled in any way I make sure I hit their disability right where it will 
hurt) Yeah Right!  I tend to feel that if I were a parent (I'm not) I would 
go to the school and talk individually with each teacher with which my child 
comes in contact.  I would explain that child's disability so the teaches is 
well, aware of it.  If I couldn't go there personally I would write a note 
and make sure that everyone understands about my child.  

I hope this does not start another flame as I certainly don't want that to 
This is JMHO and it would work for me, but of course not for everybody.

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