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Re: [IP] class testing

email @ redacted wrote:

> Kap was in car pool line - and the lady was screaming in his face to get up
> and get in line for car pool pick up - 5 times she yelled in his face - with
> her hands cupped around her mouth 

I don't know who this lady was, but it's obvious that she didn't know
that Kap was having a low -- possibly didn't know that he was diabetic,
nor what a hypo DOES to diabetics. 

One of the problems in the "system" is that parents may, in good faith,
fill out all the paperwork on children's health problems, and it goes
into the nurse's office, and there it stays.
Last year, I had a diabetic teenager in one of my classes -- we went for
SEVEN WEEKS before I found out about it. It was right before lunch and
he would take swigs of Coke during class -- which is against school
rules -- what if I had been a more authoritarian teacher and made a
scene about it????? What if he had actually had a combative hypo during
class? I probably would have sent for the school police, because NO ONE
TOLD me he was diabetic!

I have had kids with other health problems, and no one told me about
them, either, until well after the start of the year.  

This is information that should be on every teacher's desk the day
BEFORE school starts, and should be transmitted to EVERY employee who
will have dealings with the child. But it doesn't necessarily happen
that way.

So I would tell parents, especially of small children, NEVER take it for
granted that a school employee knows that your child is diabetic. Don't
assume that the school will train employees in what to do in case of
emergency, or in case of confused hypo. I know it's a lot more work for
you, but the vast majority of school personnel WANT to protect your
child, but often don't know what's going on!

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