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Re: [IP] Bulging insulin top??

Dan Blakeley email @ redacted writes
  You maybe putting too much air into the insulin bottle with your syring.  
Make sure you displace the amount of insulin you use with the proper amount 
of air. If you shoot 20 units of insulin then you draw up 20 units of air to 
put into your bottle of insulin.  If this isn't your problem then I sure 
wouldn't use insulin that is pressuring up a bottle.

  Dan dx 6/91 pumping 2/00

>I would call the insulin companies and ask them about the bulging. I had
>some problems with velosulin where bubbles were leaking in from the rubber
>stopper. I stopped using that bottle.
>I think your best answer will come from the company that made your insulin.
>When in doubt- I don't use the bottle is something seems wrong.
>Just a thought from,
>At 08:09 PM 03/14/2000 -0700, you wrote:
> >A question.  I know this sounds doofy, but is it possible for insulin to
> >"spoil"in the botulism sense.  I know, I know.  BUT....
> >I remember when we cleaned out my great-grammas house after she passed 
> >all her stuff was bulging at one end or another.  CREEPY!
> >
> >Well, this new NPH  (humulin if it makes a difference)and H that I just
> >opened---every time I put a syringe in them, they SHOOT the piece half up
> >the syringe.  And the rubber seal at the top of the bottles is bulging 
> >pushing.  Insulin has even bubbled out a couple of times.
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