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Re: [IP] Bulging insulin top??

I would call the insulin companies and ask them about the bulging. I had
some problems with velosulin where bubbles were leaking in from the rubber
stopper. I stopped using that bottle. 
I think your best answer will come from the company that made your insulin.
When in doubt- I don't use the bottle is something seems wrong.
Just a thought from,

At 08:09 PM 03/14/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>A question.  I know this sounds doofy, but is it possible for insulin to
>"spoil"in the botulism sense.  I know, I know.  BUT....
>I remember when we cleaned out my great-grammas house after she passed away,
>all her stuff was bulging at one end or another.  CREEPY!
>Well, this new NPH  (humulin if it makes a difference)and H that I just
>opened---every time I put a syringe in them, they SHOOT the piece half up
>the syringe.  And the rubber seal at the top of the bottles is bulging up,
>pushing.  Insulin has even bubbled out a couple of times.

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