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[IP] Bulging insulin top??

A question.  I know this sounds doofy, but is it possible for insulin to
"spoil"in the botulism sense.  I know, I know.  BUT....
I remember when we cleaned out my great-grammas house after she passed away,
all her stuff was bulging at one end or another.  CREEPY!

Well, this new NPH  (humulin if it makes a difference)and H that I just
opened---every time I put a syringe in them, they SHOOT the piece half up
the syringe.  And the rubber seal at the top of the bottles is bulging up,
pushing.  Insulin has even bubbled out a couple of times.

I have tried inserting syringe, letting it fill up with air as much as it
will, taking the syringe out, pushing the air out and doing that over and
over til it stops pushing the plunger back out.

But the next time i go to use it, the little rubber seal on the top is
pushing out again and it shoots the plunger up to nearly 50c!

Is this spoilage?  Should I be worried?  My pharmacy never called me back
Charisma :)

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