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[IP] Re: Pumpers Ink & Value of this List

>I told him to sign up to the group, for it
>is one of the best place on the web to learn about pumping and what a great 
>group of people the members are . So feeling as I do, I know I need to 
>                         Rodney
I know that I speak for many of us here. I am greatly relieved to see that 
you plan to stay with us. You are invaluable to all of us.
  Thank-you for the information of how this list came to be. Even "newbies" 
and those investigating the pump can help us along as they pose their 
questions and get answers from many people's experiences. I learn something 
new about every day on this list. Sometimes it is something I can use and 
sometimes not but it is all valuable as we strive to make our lives and our 
loved one's better.
Even though we cannot reach out and touch each other physically, we do reach 
out and touch each other with every message we post. In helping each other 
we develop friendships and yours is one of them. Thanks to all who started 
this list and all those who are now members as we unite to help each other 
and support each other, and thanks especially to you Rodney for your great 
example of this.
..........happily pumping Thanks to many here!!!...............

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