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Re: [IP] Re: 20 years...37 years.. and all other boasts

I agree with some parts of your e-mail, very insightful.  The reason I say 
I've got almost 25 years on insulin with no major complications because I 
believe it gives hope to others, esp. parent of children with D.  It also 
helps me because when I was dx in 1975 I was told I'd be blind in 5 years and 
dead by 40.  (I will be 43 in May!).
So it makes me very hopeful also. 
I also think Doctors hate it when they can't "fix" a patient, and perhaps 
some of these "*********" things said by Docs in the past was a projection of 
their own frustration and lack of tools to really help us.

I think all of us should really be proud of  for ourselves, look how much 
courage we all have!

I am really feeling better on my pump, still have bumpy days, but it provides 
a whole new level of independence.  I am so thankful.  

Take care,
R/ Kindra    pumping since 9/99
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