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[IP] Happy birthday and in class testing


Happy birthday.

Did you know that if you reverse your a & i you get brain?  I just realized
that.  Guess you have experimented with that before, though, huh?

>>4. Said it before, will say it again...  TEST YOUR BLOODSUGAR IN THE
CLASSROOM!  Test it whereever you are when you need/want to test.  Schools
may need to be educated and CHANGED.  Do not sacrifice your health.>>

I concur completely.

 Any one out there that is being prevented from testing in the classroom,
yourself if it is against any law.  Keep in mind that OSHA does not consider
to be hazardous.  And remember that schools don't make law they make
that must operate within the law.

So if you want or you want your child to test in the classroom, you can.
can't stop you, unless you let them.

Curtis Lomax

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