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[IP] re: exercise & glucose dump

amy wrote:
>  that it's wise to exercise first thing in the am b/c 
> then you have less chances to make excuses not 

true...i am groggy at best at 5am, so I would be hard pressed to make any 
kind of excuse, and i would just focus on, if i do it NOW, i can go back to 
bed in 45 minutes...

so anyway, i have to say that i side with your dietician on this one 
Amy...apple juice alone is NOT enough for a workout...how long did you 
workout?  you siad you did sit ups for 30 minutes, or was your entire workout 
30 minutes.  

I understand your 1:10 ratio but why did you round up to 3 for the 23 grams 
of apple juice?   I thought the 174 was AFTER the workout

so you were still going up after the work out - not a HUGE high, but for you, 
who keeps your numbers so low it might have seemed that way,

>  Actually 174 isn't that high for my
>  liver to dump, 

the 174 DOESNT make your liver dump...it was the 42 or the 35 or whatever you 
hit during your workout that caused this.  you had no other ready fuel in 
your body once that apple juice was gone...hence the dump, hence the rise

>  dietician b4 (who thinks it's essential to snack b4
>  bed b/c that's a long overnight period), 
i disagree with her too...lower your basals...you should NOT have to snack to 
 keep from going low...that is a hold over from the bad old days of NPH

>   I was low last night b/c I'd had set probs all day

understood....that darn black hole of insulin  -  where does it go?  lOL

>  when I'm eating little my bg tend to stay on the low side.

well then you need to lower the basals on those semi-fast days.  Your endo 
doesnt want you fat i am sure and you are far from that, but I think he wants 
you to avoid starvtion ketosis which is what happens when you don't eat 
enough carbs.  your bg can stay perfect, but your body is subsisting on 
KETONES, just as those high protein diets WANT you to...it is not so good for 

>  high:-) The only bad thing is I'm not feeling any
>  symptoms of lows at all lately.

Might I suggest you raise your target range?  I would never even lay down, 
personally with a bg of under 90, though of course YMMV, all I am saying is I 
DO still feel hypos....I rarely am surprised by one.  

Personally, I aim for a bg of between 140 and 190 to start my workout.  If 
your primary goal is to tone and strengthen, then you will get a better work 
out, and have more endurance than if your bg is in the low to sub 100s

>   Also, I've found exercise helps wake yoiu up. 

which is why I don't do it at 5am...i like to sleep when it is dark 
outside!!!  heh heh...i got sirens outside and dogs next door if i want help 
waking up!!!  just kidding you - i honestly admire your tenacity...

>  fine with this rx for months and today I just haven't
>  been able to see clearly. (I have to wait till june to

i owuld have to say this and your leg being numb would be signs to ME of hypo 
- did you test during these episodes?  remember exercise can have an affect 
on your bg hours after your workout...ie lookout tomorrow morning...

good luck
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