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[IP] Sara's great post on how to post to the Digest

Sara's post was so good about how to use the digest, I just wanted to add BE
On my server, I go to Format, select Plain Text, then the whole list can
read it. The ER letter was one of the worst things to come through here -
5-6 times!!!   It was mostly rows and rows and rows and rows, (etc.) of
AAAAA's.  Also, be sure to proofread before hitting send. (So, why don't I?)

> Subject: [IP] how to use digest
> since i use AOL as well, i thought i would assist you here..
> basically, you open the email...it is a dompedium (sp) of about 25 emails
> all the associated junk and headers and gobbeldy gook that people put into
> their emails.  You can read through the entire thing if you like, or jsut
> scroll through the table of contents, which isnt usually a good idea,.cuz
> people dont always chjange their subject lines...
> If you want to respond back to something, you can click and drag over the
> snipping you want to respond to, (please don't copy the ENTIRE post or
> worse, the entire digest), and click the REPLY box.  AOL opens a new
> box, addresses it back to IP (since that is who digest is from, not the
> individual poster)  and puts in that little snippet you highlighted.
> Then you go to SUBJECT line and change it, so it doesnt say RE Insulin
> digest #42738472, make it relevant to your post, as in mine...
> then you can type in whatever response you want...be sure to delete
> "extra"  any junk or headers or extra words that you don't need.
> If you want to respond back ONLY to the person who sent the post, you can
> the same thing, except when you click reply, and it automatically
> it to IP, be sure to change it to the person's email
> and there you can get the person's direct email address.  I fyou want to
> someone Congratulations, or say "me too" it is best to send those DIRECTLY
> the person rather than to the entire list.  Whenever you just hit REPLY,
> posts go to the ENTIRE list.
> Sara
> not an admin.


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