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Re: [IP] Therasense Freestyle vs. Amira AtLast

I'm not sure if I shared this with IP before, so forgive me if this is a 
repost.  After seeing the difference in the size drop of blood on the cover 
of this month's Diabetes Interview, I'm even more interested in the 
Therasense Freestyle.  My son's fingers are worn out after 11 years of 

I recently wrote to a researcher , Mark Heller, who is working on 
non-invasive implantable bg devices. He also was a consultant for the 
Therasense product.  He summed up the differenced between the Amira and the 
Therasense with the following information:

"... TheraSense's FreeStyle system resembles in its size and simplicity the 
available strip assay systems. FreeStyle differs profoundly from the Amira 
system. While both obtain the blood from the arm, the blood sample required 
by the Amira system is similar to that
used by all others. Because of the low density of capillaries in the arm, the 
Amira system has a built-in massager which squeezes out the sample in a time 
consuming operation. FreeStyle does not require machine-massaging the skin to 
obtain the blood sample and the reading is prompt. The only difference 
between FreeStyle and the existing systems is in the tenfold smaller blood 
sample, which is just large enough to be readily seen by the eye, so as to be 
touched by the strip held by the user."
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