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[IP] X-Rays ??

I have been on a Minimed 508 for 3 months and I have read (and heard) a few times that if you are going to have an MRI, Cat     scan or an x-Ray to take you pump off.  Today I realized that two weeks ago I went to the dentist and had some x-rays done.  I forgot all about the pump not supposed to have x-rays.  I called Minimed and I was told that you must take it off and leave it out of the room.
Here's the question:  Has anyone had a problem with Dental x-rays and their pump.  Minimed said that if you can't take it off put two lead aprons on over it.  I am just a little concerned. I obviously don't have my pump attached around my neck.
I would hate to lose my baby.
Tom Carlson 32 years D, 3 month on the pump