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Re: [IP] Re: 20 years...37 years.. and all other boasts

Anika wrote:

<<I don't know if the doctor told Linda she'd have another 20 years. I
never heard of any such projection myself. Linda had trouble with her eyes
within months. About a year after diagnosis, at age 19, she died.>>

<<Diabetes needs fear tempered with optimism. Optimism preserves our
enjoyment of life, makes us go out and fight to be able to get the jobs,
pump iron, fly planes, do the stuff that non-diabetics do. Fear is the
reason we push the NIH to adequately fund diabetes research.>>

Anika, I'm sorry to hear about your friend who died so young of
complications with D.  We need optimism in our lives of stressful living.  I
always told people that having diabetes was just a "minor inconvenience" in
my life, and it always was.  No, I have never been in denial, I've always
managed it aggressively for the most part, but I never let it stop me from
doing what I've
wanted to do in life.  If I had been told at 11 that I would only have 20
years left, I may have given up at that point and not worked as hard to stay
healthy as I have.   And today, 37 years later, I am here as healthy as I am
with no major complications (just the usual aches and pains, I am nearly 50
after all!).   I am not boasting here, just stating a fact.  There is a lot
we don't know about this disease and why some people seem
to have no problems with it and others have nothing but.  I think genetics
are a factor as well as life style and attitude.  It's not just one of these
things, but a combination of all of them.  And, sometimes it may just be the
luck of the draw.


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