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[IP] how to use digest

since i use AOL as well, i thought i would assist you here..

basically, you open the email...it is a dompedium (sp) of about 25 emails and 
all the associated junk and headers and gobbeldy gook that people put into 
their emails.  You can read through the entire thing if you like, or jsut 
scroll through the table of contents, which isnt usually a good idea,.cuz 
people dont always chjange their subject lines...

If you want to respond back to something, you can click and drag over the 
snipping you want to respond to, (please don't copy the ENTIRE post or even 
worse, the entire digest), and click the REPLY box.  AOL opens a new message 
box, addresses it back to IP (since that is who digest is from, not the 
individual poster)  and puts in that little snippet you highlighted.

Then you go to SUBJECT line and change it, so it doesnt say RE Insulin pumper 
digest #42738472, make it relevant to your post, as in mine...

then you can type in whatever response you want...be sure to delete anything 
"extra"  any junk or headers or extra words that you don't need.

If you want to respond back ONLY to the person who sent the post, you can do 
the same thing, except when you click reply, and it automatically addresses 
it to IP, be sure to change it to the person's email.  Each post begins like 

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 10:08:18 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #4

Got a question regarding the digest....

and there you can get the person's direct email address.  I fyou want to tell 
someone Congratulations, or say "me too" it is best to send those DIRECTLY to 
the person rather than to the entire list.  Whenever you just hit REPLY, your 
posts go to the ENTIRE list.

Hope this helps...if you have more questions, please ask - and WELCOME!!

not an admin.
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