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[IP] re weight gain

Sara wrote:

<<When I went on the pump 7 years ago (this week), i wrote down everything i
ate...i lost 12 lbs in the first couple of months cuz i can not lie to
and did NOT want to write down ENTIRE BAG OF FRITOS (and the requisite 12
units of insulin), so I just did not eat them at all...same with the extra
scoop of ice cream and the extra smear of cream cheese on my bagel...it all
adds up>>

Sara, this is sooooo true.  I find when I keep a diary of what I eat, I tend
to eat much less.  And much better food!  *grin*  I will be writing
everything I eat when I begin pumping, since my CDE will require it, and it
will be a good way to really cut down (although now when I've written what I
eat in a normal day down, it's less than 1600 calories and still *I* gain
weight, and tests show my thyroid being normal, and, no I am definitely not
pregnant! LOL).


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