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Re: [IP] exercise-glucose dump??

   Sorry I can't help much on specifics.  I have not exacted my adjustments 
yet...  However, I do know that exercise causes funny things with my body 
too.  Overall and in the long run, it's great a brings down my BG's- most 
notably by looking at my overall Insulin use per day for days with exercise 
versus days without.  But the immediate effects are always quirky; and 
sometimes the drops in BG will actually be up to TWELVE HOURS or even a day 
later!  So basically, I've learned that the best thing is ROUTINE- if I 
exercise each day, I'll end up making permanent adjustments to my 
boluses/basals and no longer struggle with immediate 
adjustments/corrections.  However, if I stop exercising, then it all gets 
out of whack again.  Arrgggh, the struggles we face.  Good luck.
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