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[IP] re: exercise & glucose dump

Hi Sara--
 Not nuts, but determined:-) I read somewhere and
would have to agree with it, that it's wise to
exercise first thing in the am b/c then you have less
chances to make excuses not to exercise.
  My personal incentives are 1. I want a more muscular
body and to burn off fat and 2. to get back down to
under 120. Hence why my diet is improving too and I am
eating less.
 I didn't eat b4 exercising, and that apple juice was
my bfast. So you know, I do 1:10 for cho b4 ten am,
and the juice was 23g, so I did 2.3 for that and some
reason rounded up to 3.0 I guess b/c of the 174 (not a
wise choice, now I realize that). I was 189 at 8am and
56 at 1030am. Actually 174 isn't that high for my
liver to dump, but I've gotten into this with my
dietician b4 (who thinks it's essential to snack b4
bed b/c that's a long overnight period), but if you
haven't snacked (which I hadn't) you're liver can't
have that much in it. 
 I was low last night b/c I'd had set probs all day
and been giving plenty of extra boluses, which had no
effect, then I moved my site and the other insulin
must have caught up to me. Also, when I'm eating
little my bg tend to stay on the low side. (i usually
don't mind that but my endo would rather me be fat and
high:-) The only bad thing is I'm not feeling any
symptoms of lows at all lately.
 Also, I've found exercise helps wake yoiu up. Except
today all I wanted to do was sleep but all my friends
have colds now so undoubtedly I'm next. But found that
when I work till 11pm or so and have to wake up by 6,
even 5 minutes of running helps make me halfway
 Weird thing today was my leg went so numb in school
it was like walking and no feeling at all. And I don't
know if its my contacts or not but I've been seeing
fine with this rx for months and today I just haven't
been able to see clearly. (I have to wait till june to
for a new rx)..
 Speak of the devil, gotta run back to school for a

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