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[IP] my BIRTHDAY today, 23

Hi Pumpers,
  It's my 23rd birthday today.  I haven't written much on the list lately, 
so...  I FINALLY saw a dr. last week since I've been without insurance since 
September.  I'm with Kaiser, found a good Endo with lots of pump patients 
here in the South Bay, and I have fresh supplies.  I am excited and feeling 
motivated!  I'm back to changing my site every 3 days, and already my BG's 
are better.  The sun is shinging and I'm happy to be alive and living here 
in Northern California after my long stressful scary move from Minneapolis!  
At the end of this month, I will have had Diabetes for 17 years.  Thank you 
pumpers for your support and advice.

  Oh, and...
1. I LOVED Bearskin Meadows when I went years ago.  I went 5 years in a row, 
starting at the age of 8.  I learned so much and had a wonderful time.  I 
highly recommend it.
2. We have enough exclusion in our society, I welcome EVERYONE (diabetics, 
moms, dads, cousins, friends, dr's, etc.) to this list.  Feel free to bring 
up ANY topic that's on your mind.
3. I sometimes think I could benefit from a list of only diabetics too; but 
then again, only young diabetics; in fact, only young male diabetics using 
pumps...  It's hard to find other guys out there though, so the big list is 
fine.  But if anyone's interested in starting sub-lists too, I'm interested. 
  If your needs are not met with the main list, perhaps they can be in a 
smaller list?
4. Said it before, will say it again...  TEST YOUR BLOODSUGAR IN THE 
CLASSROOM!  Test it whereever you are when you need/want to test.  Schools 
may need to be educated and CHANGED.  Do not sacrifice your health.

Ciao! -Brian, who's glad to be ALIVE!

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