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I have been on the 508 for just three months and am going to my check up on Wednesday.  This has been answer to a dream for me.  I really have been fortunate with my D for the last 32 years with no complications.  By the time my father would have had D for as long as I have had it, he had been dead for 4 years.  I watched him experience all of the complications that can happen with D, other than Blindness.  I have often wondered what pump therapy could have done for my father, or just the use of Humalog.  Which has been the most remarkable advance in Diabetes since I have had it, in my opinion.  At a dinner of pump users in Iowa, I met a man that had D for 45 years.  He was the proof of what good control would do for you.   I live in a small town of 2000 people in Iowa and to my surprise there are 4 pumpers that I am aware of in the county (Pop 6000).  I new of 1 person.  I had a friend of my 17 year old daughter ask me about pumping and I am sure she will be the fifth person.  I have one concern, over the last year I have lost around 50 pounds be cause I started sticking to my 2000 cal diet.  Now that I have been on the pump for three months and been counting carbs for 6 months rather than exchanges, I find it easy to eat extra and bolus for what I eat.  My concern is "I DON'T WANT THAT 50 POUNDS BACK".  I am sure I will learn the happy medium for me.
Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge with me.
Tom Carlson, 32 years  D, 3 months pumping