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Re: [IP] D-Tron

Andrea, I have had MiniMed 508 for 3 months. It comes with a little remote
control that at first I didn't think I would use but have since decided that
it is the best thin in the world.  I keep my pump in my left pocket but many
days I don't touch it except when I put it in the pocket in the morning and
take it out at night.  The remote works with audio tones so you know what
you are doing.  Some times it is hard to here if there is a lot of
background noise but it has not been a problem.

Tom Carlson
32 years D, 3 months on the pump
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From: Andrea Seitz <email @ redacted>
To: Insulin Pumpers Digest <email @ redacted>
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2000 3:19 PM
Subject: [IP] D-Tron

>I currently have Disetronic's H-Tron Plus, and have
>been considering an upgrade. I wear the pump in a baby
>sock underneath my clothing, and bolus by pushing the
>blue buttons. Removing the pump isn't necessary
>because the buttons' tactile/audio features. The new
>D-Tron looks like its bolus buttons are similar to
>Minimed's. How does activating a bolus through
>clothing work with the Minimed? It it simple or better
>to remove the pump?
>Andrea Seitz
>>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 15:07:51 -0700
>>From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
>>Subject: [IP] D-Tron
>>There is now a picture and more info on the D-tron
>>I don't like that they took away the blue buttons but
>>they finaly did make <snip>
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