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[IP] Exercise/Glucose Dump ?

Sara - thanks for the insight on this issue.  I have been exercising at 5:00 AM 
without eating breakfast.  Instead of going low as I would expect, my blood 
sugar rises.  I never thought about the liver affecting my blood sugar.  I was 
thinking it was the dawn phenomenon occurring after I wake up.  I will try your 
advice and eat something first to see how it works out. 



NEEDS energy to do all that you are doing to it...you haven't eaten since 
last night, and you were low(ish) when you went to bed), there is no 
lingering protein or fat in your digestive track and you only give it an 
apple, so where does the energy come from???  Your liver...it dumps in all 
kinds of stuff to give you the energy to work out...We'd like to THINK it 
would draw on our fat reserves, but it DOESN"T...it needs quick energy, like 
glycogen...so boing - up you go.  


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