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Re: [IP] exercise-glucose dump??

In a message dated 03/13/2000 9:03:26 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I would bet you are probably crashing down during your intense workout, 
 the 174 was a rebound.   >>

I read the responses to your post so far, and wasn't sure how to respond, 
because I've experienced the same problem and I didn't know for sure which 
way to jump either.  Is it higher because of liver dump, or do you need more 

By testing every 15 minutes several mornings I figured out that my bg rises 
upon waking and I need to bolus upon waking.  I can wake up at 120 at 630 and 
by 800 when I eat will be at 200.  If I try to exercise then, there is a much 
higher rise. The more activity of the morning, and the longer until I eat, 
the more I bolus for my early morning rises.  I've been giving 1U for 90-120; 
1.5 U for around 150; 2 U for 200.  The rest of the day I'm much more insulin 

Anyways . . . . Just a word to the wise.  Before you jump one way or the 
other, more food, or more insulin, or less insulin or who knows what???    
Try testing every 15-20 minutes while exercising.  Your routine where you 
went up to 174 didn't sound all that bad to recover from, so I'd do that same 
thing and get all the bg readings and really see what was going on.

Good luck,
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