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[IP] exercise-glucose dump??

First of all, Amy, you are nuts to get up that early to EXERCISE...I am just 
entering REM sleep about that time, but I guess more power to ya...do it 
while you are young baby...

But if you insist on persisting with this madness, I think perhaps you need 
to eat MORE before you do that much exercise - more than an apple..I would 
say at least some toast, or cereal, especially if you are starting out at 97.

I would bet you are probably crashing down during your intense workout, and 
the 174 was a rebound.  You just drank apple juice AND you bolused alot for 
it, at least it would be alot for me.  Juice is IN and GONE fast - an apple 
would have been a stronger choice.  Since you seem to be keeping your targets 
under 100, you might not even realize that you are crashing, and your body 
NEEDS energy to do all that you are doing to it...you haven't eaten since 
last night, and you were low(ish) when you went to bed), there is no 
lingering protein or fat in your digestive track and you only give it an 
apple, so where does the energy come from???  Your liver...it dumps in all 
kinds of stuff to give you the energy to work out...We'd like to THINK it 
would draw on our fat reserves, but it DOESN"T...it needs quick energy, like 
glycogen...so boing - up you go.  

Instead of changing your basals,which you know are working, I would say add 
something to what you eat...complex carb-wise, lower bolus for it, and test 
throughout your workout...sip juice or powerade throughout to make sure you 
don't have to go to the liver for glycagen

>  usually 645. Last night bg were fine, went to bed at
>  87, ate a tab and turned off pump, couldn't fall
>  asleep, checked again, I was 62, so 2 more tabs and

why were you so low at bed time?  mis calculation of dinner bolus or are your 
basals set a tad too high???

>  should I cut basals an
>  hour b4 exercise or something so that I start higher?

Don't cut your basals unless this workout thing is a regular 
thing...otherwise you will have to constantly have to change them...better 
right now to adjust your eating...and I am not saying you have to eat a 
Sunday brunch kind of meal...just a little something to give you energy...as 
they say  "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."  So that is my 
opinion...now I need to go finish my breakfast...I mean my coffee...heh heh 
(but then I am not working out this morning either!!!)

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