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[IP] waste of plastic

Erinn asked
>  you HAVE to put that piece in? or is it just a YMMV issue? 

well unless you waller with the piggies in germ-infested mud slime, then I 
PERSONALLY think it is a waste of plastic and time....I used them about a 
month or two when i first started using the sil, and on rare occassion will 
use one so I can shoot in some Humalog without poking a hole in my skin but 
other than that...they get tossed with the rest of the garbage...and what a 
pile of garbage it is!!! 

nothing can actually get IN, cuz there is that little rubber do-hickey, kinda 
like the top of an insulin bottle, that the little sil needle pierces...

so that is my opinion... you can use it if it makes you feel better about 
keeping bad stuff out, but i don't think it does...

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