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Re: [IP] insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #4

At 07:08 AM 3/13/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Everyday I see in my mailbox the insulin pumpers-digest, which is what I
 >want.  Now,  where is it that everyone is posting and responding?  And do I
 >respond to the digest itself or do I read them somewhere else before you put
 >them into the digest?  I'm soooo confused!!!!  I thought I understood this
 >when I first started receiving the digest, but now everyday I get more
 >confused.  So the next question is...DO you get so many responses before
 >posting them to the digest?

Probably the safest way is to open up a new message to 
email @ redacted and copy the text you want to reply to into the 
message and follow that with your response. Copy the subject of the message 
into yours too. Learning the copy and paste routine in Windows is probably 
one of the more valuable skills. One easy way of doing it is to highlight 
the text and press ctrl/c then when you are where you need to be to paste 
it, put the cursor on the spot and press ctrl/v. There are also cut and 
paste choices listed if you right click the mouse.

You can also reply to the digest, but you need to be very sure that you 
remove all of the text that does not apply to your message. Changing the 
subject is very helpful too. Having a subject that reads: "Re: [IP] 
insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #4" doesn't help people know what you are writing 


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