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Re: [IP] 20 years and still kicking!

What Kevin just said remind me of when I was dx in 1965.  I heard about the 
same thing.  I also was starting my teaching career at the same time and I 
remember I thought I wouldn't have to worry about my retirement date in 1995 
because I would probably be on disability far before that.  At that time I 
was saving my money not for retirement but for kidney failure.  At that time 
we never heard of transplants, at least not in my neck of the woods.  I was 
sure if I was still alive I would have all the complications etc.  I thank my 
God everyday for my health, and if all I ever have to put up with is the time 
it takes me to take care of my pump needs I will be more that happy.  I 
always kinda thought that maybe my attitude made God happy enough to skip the 
complications at least for the first 35 years of D.  Who knows what may 
happen from here on out. Even though I say that I really feel it has a lot to 
do with the gene pool.  I'm planning on being one of those who make it to 
fifty years with diabetes and I wouldn't mind being the oldest known living 
person with diabetes. He,he.  35 years D and still pumping.

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