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[IP] exercise-glucose dump??

I've got a new exercise routine I'm determined to do
in the am b4 breakfast or anything else. 
 ok, so wake up at 530, at 545, I'm 97. Then I run,
cardio glide, weights and sit ups for 30 minutes. Then
I get ready for school. 645, I'm 174. Big hike
considering I exercised huh?. I just had an apple
juice for breakfast (23g cho) and instead of 2.3 I
bolused 3.0, but was the 174 a hike up from
exercising? Usually I'm good b4 breakfast, which is
usually 645. Last night bg were fine, went to bed at
87, ate a tab and turned off pump, couldn't fall
asleep, checked again, I was 62, so 2 more tabs and
off another 30 mins, so by 3am I was perfect...101, so
waking up at 97 was very good. Should I cut basals an
hour b4 exercise or something so that I start higher?
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