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Re: [IP] can low affect test results?

Try searching the NIH web site and med line. Both can be accessed from 
the Insulin Pumpers search engine, but we DO NOT index anything but the 
diabetes topics so you will have to use their search tools.


On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Deborah wrote:

> Eve went to the dr. in Feb. and had some tests run on her blood and urine.
> One part (there are three parts) of a test for celiac disease came back
> positive. Just before the nurse took her blood, Eve's bg was 54.

> back. I also searched the
> internet about celiac disease, but could not find what the blood tests she
> had done meant. Eve's dr said not to worry that they will keep watching her
> annually for any change or until she develops symptoms.
> Now, when someone tell not to worry about a positive test, I do! I need some
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