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Subject: Re: [IP] 30 years and still kicking!

Jean  ,

           I know just what you felt 20 years ago & probably everyday for the 
past 20 years. Let me tell you about my experiences. 
       Now I'm 47 years old. Got diabetes at 17 & my future appeared as 
limited as you felt yours was. My girlfriends parents wanted her to find a 
normal boyfriend. When I went to the gym with my Dad he had a doctor friend 
peer deeply into my eyes in the shower room but lucky for me he said they 
looked OK.  A dentist friend of my dad's made a comment that my hands 
wouldn't allow me to become a dentist.One reason that helped me  decide to 
quit college because I didn't know if I'd live to graduate . When I finally 
got married to the same girl I began to worry that I'd never see my kids grow 
up. As they grew a little I began to worry that I wouldn't see  their Bar 
Mitzvohs or  see them to graduate High School. 
           Well maybe I'm lucky but.....its been 30 years of which I took 
needles starting at one a day. Then 2 a day starting about  16 years ago ( 
one of the rare time I was under a doctor's care after wrecking my car & 
breaking my jaw. Not from a diabetic blackout but from a drunken blackout ). 
Three & sometmes four  needles a day for the past couple of years based on 
how I felt & how much I'd eaten. I hardly never tested until Nov. 1998. I 
hardly never saw doctors until then too. Maybe I should have gotten more 
problems than I've gotten because I really kept lousy controls for most of my 
diabetic life. But my only complication is some arthritis in a few fingers 
giving me stiffness & some pains which are bearable. In Nov. /98 I started a 
quest to get a pump & the diabetic group of  1 doctor  & various nurses & 
nutritionist educators taught me at that late a date how to calculate by 
carbo counting and how to take control (which I thought I had , but I really 
hadn't had control) I did get my pump on Jan 15 ,99 & I've been a model 
prisoner since then ( just kidding ). No I really have been testing 8 to 10 
times a day & I have lowered my HbA1c from 8.0 or 9.0 down to 5.5 after 3 
months of pumping ( I hardly was eating beecause I was not forced to eat 
anymore ), then 6 months after starting pumping it went up to 5.6 & now a 
year later it is 6.0. I don't have too many low reactions but I still have 
them occasionally .  I even attend monthly pumper meetings which I enjoy ; I 
never wanted anyone to know I was diabetic but now I don't care.
          My 2 boys are 21 & 23 years old & are both healthy. I think I'm 
healthy. My heart & eyes  &  kidneys are all normal
           So back to what your doctor said 20 years ago might have been true 
40 or 50 years ago but not now. You & me are living proof. I read better 
tales about long normal lives all the time in the postings  so I'll see you 
later "grandma"
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