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[IP] celiac

> I also searched the
> internet about celiac disease, but could not find what the blood tests she
> had done meant. Eve's dr said not to worry that they will keep watching
> annually for any change or until she develops symptoms.


geneva's little pumping friend  (started together)...has celiac.  no
symptoms at all.  but her blood sugars were unmanageable at night.  her
dinner would not digest properly if she ate wheat products and her BGs would
be very high later at night.  if she overbolused  she would crash.
thus...tests for celiac and they came up positive. now that she avoids wheat
gluten...she is doing fine.

from what her mom said,  they are thinking of screening D patients for
celiac because it is autoimmune and they are finding a correlation.

for what its worth.


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