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[IP] re weight gain

janine wrote:
>  i've gained 12 pounds in two weeks on 
>  the pump, following an 1800 calorie diet.  i exercise and my 
> sugars have been really good

well I dont know your height and body type, so i don't know your specific 
calorie needs, but I do know when you eat more than your body NEEDS for 
energy the REST is stored as fat for later use, unlike in the bad old days 
when we could pee it away.  It doesn't matter if your blood sugars are 
excellent or not...if you eat too much you will gain weight, just like a 
normal person now.  Ie, on the pump, we can eat ice cream...we bolus for it 
and our bg never goes above 185...but if the calories exceed what we need, or 
if we dont work out enough to burn it off, well, do the math. it adds 
up...especially on my BUTT!!!

As a suggestion,  write down every morsel you put in your mouth for the next 
couple of weeks...write down the amount, what you bolus adn what your bgs 
are...take all that to your dietitian, and ask her or him if there are any 
changes or modifications you can do.

Losing weight as a diabetic is a tough thing...we are constantly in a flux 
between what our bg is, what our energy needs are...what else...perhaps your 
basals are just slightly too high, and you are eating UP to them...

When I went on the pump 7 years ago (this week), i wrote down everything i 
ate...i lost 12 lbs in the first couple of months cuz i can not lie to myself 
and did NOT want to write down ENTIRE BAG OF FRITOS (and the requisite 12 
units of insulin), so I just did not eat them at all...same with the extra 
scoop of ice cream and the extra smear of cream cheese on my bagel...it all 
adds up

 Just remember you dont have to eat if you aren't hungry...1800 calories 
seems like a lot, for ME...maybe it is what you need, so keep at it, keep up 
the exercise and talk to the dietitian...Delaine are you here?  she is the 
expert in this area!

who is back at the gym this weekend - ya hooooo.  they have internet access 
on the bike and precor so i can work out AND stay caught up on digest!!!!  
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