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[IP] Persantine Thallium test

> mabbott said :  >>>I have to have a Persantine Thallium done (snip)>>>
> Then I  said: >>>>I am not familiar with the test your refer to (snip)>>>
> Then Michael Weiss  said  >>>Is that test also known as a Thallium Stress
> test?  If it is the same one I,  didn't have to take my pump off (snip)>>>
> Now I'm thwapping my forehead. Jeeze. This is proof of that dementia
> I have had this test (the super duper version with the two scans, one
> and one after exercise) and I did wear my pump throughout, so you can lend
> even more credence to my post on this point --- if you want too. :^)
> Anika, whose mind is a terrible thing disgraced

If this is the thwapping-sized test that calls for the nuclear imaging (2
scans) and a total of 6 hours from start to finish (didn't tell me ahead of
time), then it is the same test that within a week, my 6-mo-old 507c failed.
All was fine until it wouldn't deliver a bolus.

I believe each of the 2 scans lasted 15 minutes - they told me nothing of
what was happening to me. In fact, the first scan the tech said, "Put your
left hand over your head and grab this handle. You'll feel the table move
back and forth." She left. I hung on for dear life. Then someone else came
in and told me to take my hand down. I could NOT move my arm. He said again,
"Take your arm down." I asked him to take my hand and put it down - he
didn't want to. I couldn't move it I had hung on so tightly.  I finally
reached over and took it with my other hand to be able to move it.  I was
upset they hadn't told me what was going on. In the percentine injection
they told me they were putting on a BP cuff and it would tighten and
release, tighten and release, and everything step by step. I appreciated it
even though I am completely familiar with a BP cuff, etc.  I felt the
imaging dept. really goofed not telling me what was happening and leaving

Friends went with me and it tied up 6 hours of their day. I was upset also
that I wasn't told of the time. We could leave and go to breakfast, then be
back in EXACTLY 45 min.  Then we could leave and be back at EXACTLY 1:30.
But that, too, could have been mentioned so plans could be made. Fortunately
they are retired, but really!  Be sure to find out if it is fasting - I
wasn't told that either and had to reschedule because I had eaten!!!!! That
meant TWO days of planning/adjusting.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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