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[IP] Thyroid - Sorry if this is a repeat; I'm having problems posting this list

> I noticed diabetics
> are more prone to (thyroid problems).  My question is what
> are the symptoms  most of you had that have/had a thyroid problem
> Carmen

My endo began *watching* and checking my thyroid when I was pg in '62. I
think most doctors are aware of possible problems with diabetics, therefore
check often. Mine was watched, and watched, and watched until my throat was
getting so large that I was choking at night and sitting bolt upright trying
to breathe (while sleeping). It was still *watched* and I couldn't button
the neck of a size 16 blouse.

All tests showed *normal.* Which is usual with me. I may be at death's door,
but tests don't show anything wrong. WRONG! Then I told my gynecologist
about it ('78) and he said he'd give me
synthroid but I should ask my GP (at the time) again, first. I did. He did.
Then I could button a size 12 blouse; it has made a lot of difference. I
like breathing. ;)  My upper left arm was always cold and my hair thin, too.
We bought thinning shears at one time because I used to have soooo much
hair.  I miss it.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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