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[IP] re: gaining weight

 Since your bg are better and you're probably not
losing any calories through your urine now, that's why
you're gaining. Your body is now using every single
calorie that goes in your mouth.
 I have been noticing that problem too. Actually, my
weight has been a yo-yo ever since I got the pump. But
finally, when my bg control was very good, started
like a month or two ago I jsut gained weight. It had
been earlier from eating a lot of junk, but then I
stopped that and was still gaining, so it must be that
tI'm using everything I eat. Actually I had been
warned b4 I got my pump to expect a weight gain b/c I
would be using all my calories, and when my endo did
notice, everyone thought I needed it, that for teh
first time I had a layer of fat. (didn't help much
with set probs, though). 
 I talked to my endo about calories and all that and
at my last appt he made the target goal for me 1500
cals,(it has been 2200 then b4 my appt it was anywhere
from 800-2500 a day, too much variation) saying he
recommends that for plenty of diabetic women. (I'm
16). Lately I've been very diligent about watching
what I eat and I am actually losing weight. Not that I
need to, I'm 5'6 and just want to stay under 130, but
I have learned that with the pump my weight can safely
go to 115 without probs, so I have a target range for
that too. 
I also started watching daily totals. My basals are
18.4 total a day, and I correct 1:35, and bolus 1:10
b4 ten am,a nd 1:15 the rest of the day, and know I'm
doing well if my daily total is right around or just
under 30 units a day. I had a time when it really
varied as much as 20units from day to day, but
everything is easier when things are consistent..
 I don't know if you've started a new exercise program
or not, but you could be adding muscle which is
heavier than fat...
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