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Re: [IP] So long Re: Digest #1000 = $ donation to IP from each of us, yes?

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> I am saying so long..I have been part of the Ip-ADMIN group and I thought
> my service would be enough but there seems to be more pressure to give
> money coming from the IP list...I am sorry but I don't have money to give.
> I wish I did. And I thought my service of time would be instead of money
> but right now I have no extra dollars. I have too many health issues that
> are draining our resources and I have to take care of those needs. I know
> there are costs in running lists but I also know there are free lists out
> there also.


I'm making an assumption here, but I don't think ANYONE intends to push
people who truly can't afford it to send money. I have the impression
that the request for money is more like a public radio fund drive --
send some if you can. Period. 

So don't get all upset and don't deprive yourself of a resource you
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