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dandydon <email @ redacted> wrote:

The Kansas 'Camp Discovery' has horseback riding. It is one of
the most popular of all the actives. It is held on the State of
Kansas 4-H camp grounds. The diabetic's do everything that the
no-D's do. There is two parts of the large camp ground and
the part the D's use is smaller BUT has access to everything.

A good note is the directors all enjoys the D's coming. They say
that the D's are the VERY best of ALL of the groups of children
of all the thousand's that attend.

And to any parent. Your children are probably in better care there
that when at home. Kansas has a large medical team that are at
every session. Some paramedic's help for college credit and most
of counselor have the big D.

My 1st year as counselor we start a day before students arrive for
finial instruction etc. One medical student on the pump (he lost
his pancreas in m! otorcycle accident) while we were eating he passed
out at the dinner table. There were a small group of 4-H there.
The D's did not get excited but you should have seen the look
on the 4-H folks. While they were treating the D the other D's
when on (yes, they were concerned) but the 4-H would look up
and over and they if they saw some of the D's looking at them they
would duck there heads. Interesting dinner time.

The campers look out for one another. A camper my say 'Joe or
Mary acting funny' and see that they will be attend to.


Hey Don my name is Elizabeth Jones and i have been Diabetic for 12 years and have been going to Camp Discovery every summer since i was diagnosed. i think camp is a wonderful thing for diabetics especially the newly diagnosed! it helps them to adjust. Even now that i am too old to be a camper. i still go every year to see old friends and to help young diabetics enjoy camp as much as i ! did!
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