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Re: [IP] 37 years and still kicking!

Virginia wrote:

<<The only diabetics that they see up to that point are the ones in the
hospital who are sick and dying so I let them know that not ALL
diabetics are sick and dying.>>

You can tell them about me anytime!  I've been D for nearly 37 years, was
diagnosed in July of 1963, have absolutely no complications and have breezed
through everything in life with no problems.  I have one daughter (was a
personal choice to only have one child) and my pregnancy was very
uneventful.  Don't know if my success was due to my hard work (I did slip as
a teen and young adult) or that guardian angel who's been sitting next to me
all these years.  I still sincerely believe that being diagnosed with D is
NOT a death sentence and now that it looks like I'll be getting my pump, I
have my sights set on living to be 100!  *vbg*


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