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[IP] 37 years and still kicking!

When I was dx at the age of 6 in 1963, I was told that I had 20 years to
live and that if I did not stay in perfect control, (yes I have control
issues) I would lose my hands and feet, develop kidney disease, go
blind, and probably have a heart attack.  I don't think this doctor
should have been allowed in that hospital.

At age 10, I read, in a magazine that the average life expectancy of a
diabetic was 20 years.  That was their "truth" in those days.

At age 15 when I was dx with retinopathy, the second to youngest patient
in the laser study, I was told that I would be blind in a year, no ifs
ands or buts.  This was from one of the optomologist at Johns Hopkins
Hospital in Baltimore.

I am now 43 years old and living with the big D for 37 years and yes
Jeannie, I would love to find these doctors and...so now I teach up and
coming M.D.s.

I have been an invited speaker during endocrine rotations at Cornell
Medical School on many occasions to talk to first and third year medical
students about being responsible for what they say to patients. Humans
have a tendency to live into what a doctor says.  Know what I mean?  The
only diabetics that they see up to that point are the ones in the
hospital who are sick and dying so I let them know that not ALL
diabetics are sick and dying.

My book, F____ you, Watch Me.  Ha!

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