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[IP] Re:I know a camp that has horse...

Wow, now that sounds like camp food.  I think that part of the problem here 
is there is such a difference in how diabetes is treated depending on whether 
you are on mdi or pumping.  That kind of a diet on mdi would have killed me, 
but now that I am pumping it would be so much easier to eat that way.  I 
think that is why a lot of people on this list have problems with diabetic 
camps in general, they are more geared towards kids on mdi, and have to be 
run a little more strictly.  Keeping the diets consistent and monitoring 
exercise and insulin adjustments.  I think that mdi is going to go the way of 
test tube urine testing, that's what I am hoping anyway.  I think a pumpers 
choice in camps these days would probably be based more on activities and 
friends and if they chose diabetic camp, it will probably serve as a reminder 
of how much easier it is pumping.  Just my 2 cents, again.

Type I, 25yrs. Changed my life in Dec. 1999!!!
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