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RE: [IP] 20 years and still kicking!

>Well, here it is, March 11, 2000, my 20-year anniversary with D.  
<snip>His response was, "NEVER, but she has a long time left, probably
>about 20 years.

Wow Jeanie,
Reading your post was certainly an eye opener for me.  I will hit my 20-year
anniversary on August 9th,2000.  Unlike you however I was only 4 at
diagnosis.  Although I don't remember much, my mom was very adament about
learning everything she could about Diabetes and doing her best to help me
understand why I now needed to take shots everyday and why I sometimes felt
funny.  But to be honest I don't remember any doctor giving me a timeline.
In fact I have always believed I would probably make it into the ripe old
age of 80 something and die of natural causes. :)  When reading posts on
this list I often have reality checks where I realize there are more things
to worry about then just good bgs.  Then again sometimes I think I am
happier because I just concentrate on today and getting things working,
instead of on what may or may not happen tomorrow.  

Good luck on the next 20 years, but somehow I don't think either one of us
will really need it.
-- Sherry
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