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[IP] ER stories - long, as my posts usually are

Carrie wrote:
>  I love to hear your stories- good and bad - about your er experiences 

You want a good ER saga?  go to the archives and search feb or mar 1998 for 
"hospital 101" i believe, where I recounted an extraordinary tale of horror 
that spanned 3 weeks and two separate ERs in two different states....tee 

As for my most recent experience...I woke up three weeks ago in sheer 
AGONY!!!!  My right shin had a cramp like I had NEVER felt in my life.  I was 
literally screaming in pain...now I have had cramps before - as a ballet 
dancer in my long ago youth, I used to point my feet so hard they would cramp 
up in my point shoes...I danced better then my dance teacher said...heh heh.  

Anyway, I could barely let go of my leg long enough to get my meter...every 
time I let go it, clinched up even harder.  I can FEEL the muscle jumping in 
my leg...I get ERROR RETEST THREE times before I FINALLY get a reading and I 
am in the 70s...do another one just to make sure, and I am 68...I grab a 
juice box, also handy next to my bed...I spill most of it trying to get that 
damn straw in that hole, all the while holding onto my leg.  I am doing deep 
breathing...all those relaxation things I have been taught.....finally it 
subsides enough for me to slip back into the sleep of the beaten to a bloody 
pulp....wake up at 9:00 with a good bg, but DAMN my leg is sore..I grab a 
banana on the way to work thinking I was low in potassium.  

The next day, it STILL hurts, and my left arm was hurting and tingling, which 
kinda worried my, so spurned on by Leslie's (IP member) recent angiogram, and 
the stress i had been under since December, and knowing that I take capoten 
which DOES have some kind of an affect on your potassium level, which is 
important to the functioning of the heart, AND not having taken my 
cholesterol medicine in a while thanks to my crappy insurance AND being the 
colossal hypochondriac that my mama raised, I called the CDE, who told me to 
go to ER...She said I might have had a CLOT in my leg that caused the cramp 
and might have dislodged and was moving up!  So, with the fear of THAT in my 
ear, I got on the subway...the wrong one dammit to hell, and had to take a 
cab even farther, in traffic than if I had just taken one from the office.  

I get there...they take me in pretty quick - soo-prise soo-prise...the nurse 
is in there taking stats and blood, and me and my friend are talking about 
how Lucy on ER had died the night before...not from the actual stabs but from 
a Pulmonary embolism..  My nurse goes, "oh?  a PE?  that is what they think 
you have."  Delia says my face went completely white and I was speechless if 
you can imagine that - shut up wayne.  

so they do some tests, do an ultrasound of my leg...nothing there...my 
potassium comes back normal...there is nothing wrong with me, according to 
the tests they could do...i needed to have another ultra sound later in the 
week to make sure...blah blabh blah...a waste of $900 that they wont file to 
insurance for me...but at least I know i am not having a heart attack, and 
that I have very hard to find arteries in my groin...but they are like that 
in my elbow so why should anywhere else be any different.

On a high note, thanks to the pump, the 6 hours I was there were sans 
incident, and is stayed between 90 and 160 the whole time...

On another high note, for me anyway, is that while I was being wheeled to the 
ultra sound, we passed Matthew Broderick in the hall...poor guy, he looked 
kinda haggard, hope all was OK with whatever he was there for...

I must say not one person tried to take my pump away and they all seemed 
pretty interested in how it worked...

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