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[IP] Arrrggg!!! What's Wrong?

I have been on the pump since the begining of December 99', and I've
recently been trying to find new places for insertion, (I always use my
tummy).  I've read posts about hip, butt, boob and arm sites, and form the
sound of it these places are working for people.  So, I decided I would try
these out.... first I tried my hip, well an hour later my bg was already
high, so that did'nt work.  Then today I tried an arm site, an hour and a
half  later my reading was 380!!!! UGH!!  Whats going on????  I use sils and
love them.  Is it possible that I am inserting wrong?  I just don't
understand... I know that it is not possible that the only place I can use
is my tummy.  Please if anyone has a suggestion please let me know!!!


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