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[IP] 20 years and still kicking!

Well, here it is, March 11, 2000, my 20-year anniversary with D.  When I was 
diagnosed at age 19 my mom asked the Dr how long until I would be well.  No 
one in my family knew a thing about diabetes.  His response was, "NEVER,  but 
she has a long time left, probably about 20 years."  I was newly married six 
weeks before and was devestated.  The Dr then went on to tell me to get 
pregnant soon if I wanted children because I wouldn't get to much past 40.  
Quite a quack, huh?  He was president of the ADA for the state I was in.

So here I am 20 years later, pumping 4 years and healthier than I've ever 
been since my dx.  Sure there are a few complications, but all are holding or 
improving since pumping.  I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and a 
wonderful husband and fully expect to live to see my grandchildren someday, 
maybe even the great-grandchildren.

I'd just love to see that Dr and throw my pretty much healthy diabetic body 
in his face.  I've made it to his magic 20-year prediction, and its not all 
that scarry anymore, thanks to pumping, and thanks to all of you for your 
support, encouragement, and your grit just to stick in there and not give up.

Wonder what the next 20 years will hold for D??

Have a lovely weekend,

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