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Re: [IP] About Camp

All this talk about Diabetic camp reminds me of my days at the first
diabetic camp in the 60's called Olympic Trails located in Virginia.  My
sisters went to Nature Camp and I so wanted to go.  They would not
accept me as I was a diabetic.  I knew I was different but this killed

My mother, Whip Dutton decided that there needed to be a camp that would
accept all diabetic children.  Senator Harry Byrd was my grandfather's
best friend (still a friend of the family) so Mom got Harry to get the
state of Virginia to allocate money for such a camp.  Out of her love,
the diabetic camp was created.

All the counselors were doctors and nurses and it was about teaching
kids about nutrition and having the big D.  We did not have glucose
monitors, just test tape and tablets to test sugar in the urine.  I
remember the barn where we all had to stand in line for blood work and I
found if I acted like I was going to faint that I did not have to have
my blood drawn.  Funny what we remember.

My counselor's name was Nancy who was a nurse and she so cared about
everyone and made life easy, even for the girl Sharon who screamed every
morning because she had to take an injection.  It was a different life
back then.  Blueberry was an MD councellor with a beard and probably my
first crush.

I got "Best Camper" 2 years in a row and then they asked that I not
return because I knew everything they were teaching.  Ha!  You never
know everything.  I was able to go to Camp Strawderman only because my
great aunt, Queenie, a nurse said that she would be a nurse so I could
go to this camp.  I was fortunate, otherwise I would not have been able
to go to camp.  My counselors set it up one morning so the campers
thought I was a junkie because I injected.  LOL  I thought it was funny.

I was accepted.

I applaude all the kids who go to camp, diabetic or not.  It is a
learning experience one will NEVER forget.  

For those who did not delete, Cheers.

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