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[IP] ER Room story. Kinda long

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to tell you about what happened to me yesterday.  I teach in an 
old school where every possible space is used for something.  Since the gym 
is also the lunch room the kitchen is right through a door off the gym.  I 
had gone to the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee and when I was leaving 
the kitchen as I opened the door a basketball and student came at me like 
something from outer space.  Well, you guessed the coffee went all over me.  
It especially went on my left ear, face, back of neck and upper chest.  OK. I 
am having skin problems anyway and skin guy has me using greasy stuff which I 
was later told may have save me from getting blistered.  The cooks 
immediately sprayed me with some stuff for burns and insisted that I go to 
the ER.  So that took up most of my morning and that one went quite smoothly. 
 So I came home and by then it was lunch time so I fixed the lunch that I had 
taken to school with me.  

Now. about a week ago I started getting some pains in my chest.  I noticed 
they were basically after I had eaten.  Figured they had something to do with 
new dx hiatal Hernia and acid reflux.  Had been on medication but Dr. took me 
off it.
Day before after I had eaten lunch got some pretty bad pain and another 
teacher gave me Pepcid AC and it seemed to help.  So now back to yesterday.  
Ate lunch and started to get same symptoms and really was a little worried.  
Called my Dr. nurse ask where pain was.  It was in upper stomach, middle of 
back, left shoulder, and down left arm.  She says get to ER immediately.  
Don't drive.  Called a friend and went.  OK.  I'm getting to the really good 
part.  Right away they put a heart monitor on me.  In the mean while they are 
getting information and nurse finds out about the pump.  No comment.  Pretty 
soon she says your pump is really making the heart monitor do crazy things. I 
looked and there was just some fuzzy stuff on the monitor.  She leaves and 
comes back later and says can you remove your pump.  I don't use sets that I 
can disconnect so I figured I'd just slip the reservoir out and put it back 
in later.  
First I said why?  She said she thinks the batteries are causing the trouble. 
 I said why don't I just take the batteries out for a while and see what it 
does.  She says OK lets try it.  So I remove the batteries and at the same 
time we are both looking at the monitor and it still looks the same way.  She 
then goes over to the screen and punched some button and wala!  There was my 
heart doing just fine.  I guess that was a Dah! on her part right.  Just 
imaging at least a half an hour had gone by and If I was having a heart 
problem I might have been dead by the time she figured the screen wasn't 
working because of human error.  

Oh well, I was only there 5 hours and found out that all I needed was to be 
put back on the stomach medication again and went to Applebee's and had a 
very late dinner.
Thank God that everything was OK heart wise.  Today doing well.

Just wanted to share that with you sorry it is so long.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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