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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day


I have been pumping for four+ years and spend an average of 15 to 20
minutes per day doin things related to controlling my diabetes. My last A1c
was 6.7.

Tnx, Corky

At 12:07 PM 3/9/2000 EST, you wrote:
>After reading Maureens account of her day, I'm sure we can all identify.  
>Many of our nights go the same.  I know mine do - with rare exceptions.  So, 
>I'm curious about how much time, on the average, do we pumpers and parents
>pumpers spend directly on the management of diabetes (not the worrying,
>is all the time still for me): the testing, logging, set changing, carb 
>counting, correcting/waiting/re-testing.  I think I spend a total of several 
>hours a day/night; probably 3?  My goal is to get it down, down, down, so 
>wonder how much time you who have this pumping thing under control spend 
>doing it?  I need to know the best scenerio?  Thanks.  Holly
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